Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fwd: Possible record matches in Wayne Cormey Family Tree

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Subject: Possible record matches in Wayne Cormey Family Tree
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Garfield Cormey
(1889 - ?)
Massachusetts, Marriage Records, 1840-1915
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Garfield Cormey
(1889 - ?)
U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-Current
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Wayne Cormey
(1939 - ?)
Massachusetts, Birth Index, 1860-1970
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Calendar alerts for Travers Web Site, October 10 2019

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Fwd: WikiTree Family News

WikiTree: Where genealogists collaborate

WikiTree News

  Community Announcements
  • Winner badgeTogether we confirmed facts on 59,703 profiles in the fourth annual Source-a-Thon. Top teams: #1) Windsor Warriors, #2) Team Roses, #3) Team Virginia [more]. Top contributors: #1) Amy Utting, #2) Morgan Mulligan, #3) Susie MacLeod [more]. The big winner: our shared tree.
  • Our community challenges aren't all exhausting marathons. For a more low-key opportunity to work with other WikiTreers, check out what the Bio Builders, Gravestone Transcribers, G2G Integrators and Sourcerers are doing for October.
  • Profile of the Week Profile ImageProfile of the Week: Beatles singer-songwriter John Lennon, born this day in 1940.
  • This week's sharing themes:
  • Question of the Week: Have you met another WikiTreer in person?
  • WikiTreer of the Week: Cheryl Hess. "My favorite thing about WikiTree is how close you can become to people that you have never met. By working together in G2G, or maybe working with the "Greatest Gang" [Greeters], or coordinating with other members to find sources, it really does feel like everyone is working together toward one goal."
  • Lizzie Griffiths is seeking help for the Titanic Project: "Our goal is to have fully sourced, connected profiles with beautiful biographies for everyone on the Titanic. If you feel you could help us in anyway we would be delighted to have you."


10 Oct 1942: Terry Travers [send e-card]

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